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VW California Club Denmark

VW California Club Denmark

We have received a SpaceMate pull-out drawer for testing and we are thrilled. This is our 3rd pull-out drawer and for us, pull-out drawers - and drawers in general - are the first thing we put in a new California. Drawers and storage make such a big difference, and the overview and functionality you get with e.g. a pull-out drawer is worth all the money.

SpaceMate is well made and robust. It is heavy, but you don't notice it once it is in the car. And unlike many of the other drawers on the market, it has two clear advantages. It can be operated with just one hand, which is a big plus, and the high sides mean that things don't fall out of the drawer so easily. Especially at the back of the drawer, which is a bit of a hassle and something you experience on other drawers with a low edge.

The drawer is produced in the UK and is available for both the T5 and T6 series - Ocean, Coast, Surf and Beach.


This is undoubtedly one of the best pull-out drawers on the market. The execution is well thought out and of high quality. The high edges ensure that loose items do not fall off the drawer when it is opened and closed. And then it can be operated with one hand. It is quite difficult to find bad things about the drawer, but if I have to highlight something, the drawer is on the heavy end. It is no problem once it is in the car.