SpaceMate Holdall

Designed for SpaceMate

Compatible with bike racks

VW California SpaceMate Rear Storage Drawer

Offers a high capacity, sliding storage tray, allowing easy access to the lower stowage space of your California & easily attaches to the VW rail system.

Customer Experiences

Absolutely fantastic addition to my van. I have a california beach, and the fridge lives in the boot. The space mate is perfect for accessing and securely holding all the camping equipment. Brilliantly thought through design.

Met Simon to collect my new SpaceMate, Simon very kindly offered to fit the draw there and then to my new VW California. Completed in swift order to my complete satisfaction. I can Highly recommend the SpaceMate it makes the use of the luggage area so much more accessible, also given me a safe flat place under the frame to store the California Ocean's side window bug screens. Bonus!

The SpaceMate draw is truly an excellent product. Its design, manufacturing quality and finish are to the highest standard. It fits with precision in the available space, utilising every mm, and making the use of the rear area simplicity in its self. The linear runners are of good quality and the locking system, on opening and closing make it both safe and secure to use. The inclusion of luggage securing points, drain holes and the anti slip matting are well worth the extra cost. This combine with the exemplary service make it undoubtedly an extra to the California which should not be overlooked.

I was thrilled by the first moment. Simon delivered the rear pull-out to me directly in a package to austria. I don't know of any comparable product on the market that is as stable and of such high quality as the Spacemate.

If I could only choose one addition to my VW California, it would be without doubt be the Space Mate Drawer, its a total game changer

Thank you for your very polite response to orders from Japan. The quality is also good and I'm very satisfied.

What's New with SpaceMate v2.3

NEW Rubber Roller System
Reduced Weight - 17% lighter
Maximum storage width
Maximum storage depth (without having to move bench seat)
New "VW" sounding slam latch
New super ridged subframe
Drain hole
California Beach 2 seat Bench fittings as standard
Reduced shipping costs!

SpaceMate v2.3 - British Engineering Quality: 10% more storage space and 4x the strength.

The SpaceMate Subframe is made from a single sheet of laser cut steel. Two strengthening cross members and CNC machine folded steel with only two TIG welded seams give unparalleled rigidity to protect the VW Rail System.
Spacers underneath the subframe ensure it also remains flat over the raised rail system. Laser cut fixing holes to line up with the 2 or 3 Rail System in the T5, T6 and T6.1 for the Ocean and Coast.
A rubber layer under the subframe protects the VW rail system and three rubber rollers ensure that the SpaceMate Drawer will not drag even under maximum load.
Years of trials with single and double latched slides have led to the SpaceMate now being uniquely offered with a single central slam latch. This enables the drawer to be opened with one free hand making access whilst carrying gear easy.
The flush fitting single latch allows deeper storage space than the two-handed protruding double latch system.
This space maximisation is complimented at the rear of the Drawer system where the bespoke manufactured T-bolt fixing kit sits underneath the closed drawer giving additional storage right up to the rear bench seat without having to move it forward as with other designs.
The SpaceMate will offer over 10% extra space storage when compared to others. With installation and removal ease in mind, the T bolts are held in place and can be permanently left in place to allow the SpaceMate to be easily removed and refitted.

Designed for California owners by California owners

The elevated sides of the SpaceMate eliminate the requirement for extra storage containers and enable convenient storge of the 335 Porta-Potti. The utilization of flush fitting rivets ensures that the interior storage capacity is optimized, without any protruding nuts or bolts that could cause snagging to your valuable cargo.

The snug subframe maximizes the size of the SpaceMate and prevents any sideways movement, secured again with flush rivets. This ensures that the California trim and rail system remains protected at all times, regardless of weight or road conditions.

Powder coated in SpaceMate Grey to match the California T6.1 interior.

Ocean, Coast, Surf & SE

Usable Internal dimensions: 905w x 685d x121h mm
External dimensions: 980w x 740d x 150h mm


  • Internal dimensions 1008 w x 710 d x120 h mm
  • External dimensions 1080 w x 775 d x 145 h mm

SpaceMate V2.3 for 3 seat Beach

Campervan Journey put the SpaceMate through its paces. Watch JT's review of the Storage Tray and it's various configuration options >>>

SpaceMate v2.3 Now takes the 335 Porta-Potti!